♡ Welcome to 2023's first shop update ♡


By placing an order and purchasing through this shop, you have read, understood and agree with the terms and conditions policy outlined below ♡


✴︎ No tracking will be provided if the tracked option hasn't been selected at checkout. I won't be able to reply to emails asking where the package is because I don't know either.

✴︎ Once a package has been shipped out, I'm no longer responsible for the delays that may occur.

✴︎ Refunds and replacements won't be offered for untracked orders.

✴︎ I'm not responsible for the damages that may occur during the delivery.

✴︎ In the occasional case where an order is returned to me (usually because of an error in the address or incomplete infos), I can either send the order again if you chose to pay for the new shipping fees or a refund will be issued.

✴︎ Processing and packing times vary depending on the amount of orders I get but they're usually around 2 weeks.



If you're not familiar with the concept, pre-orders are a way to help fund the production of new designs. It helps me assure that there's enough interest for a product before actually paying for the production and it allows you to get an A grade product at a lower price :)

✴︎ Pre-orders are limited to 15 slots. The remaining pins will be sold later as in-stocks at the normal price. 

✴︎ Because the production depends on these pre-orders, no refunds are accepted. Pre-orders are definitive.

✴︎ Once a product has reached enough pre-orders (the numbers are updated in the product description), it's immediately sent to production. Production times might vary between 3 and 4 weeks.


Thank you so much for reading this, I hope it helped and answered most of your questions! Feel free to also check out the F.A.Q. for more infos.